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  • Hippoplata: Attack & Submissions by Galvao

    15 videos

    Learn from ADCC Hall of Fame & Multiple Time ADCC Super Fight Champion Andre Galvao.

    Learn and use the Hippoplata to escape from pressure passing directly to counter attacks submissions like the twister, the calf slice, ...

  • Dealing With Closed Guard From Top By Galvao

    24 videos

    Learn from multiple time IBJJF & ADCC hall of the fame Andre Galvao!

    In this Master Class series, Andre Galvao shows the defensive and offensive strategies in dealing with the closed guard from top position! Learn how to properly posture, defend some of the most common attacks from closed guard,...

  • Judo For Jiu-Jitsu Fighters by Dom Bell

    23 videos

    **Learn from 2021 World Masters Champ Dominique Bell.

    In this Instructional, Dominique Bell shows the most effective judo takedowns for the jiu-jitsu practitioner. In addition to several high-percentage throws, foot sweeps and takedowns, Dom also shares some the basic concepts that will help you...

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