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  • Wrestling For BJJ Vol. 3 Takedown Defenses

    10 videos  |   Buy $49

    🏅LEARN FROM 4X ALL AMERICAN - COACH FRED LEAVY! Wrestling For BJJ Vol. 3 Takedown Defenses & Concepts.

    âś…Level up your skills on defending takedowns using concepts and learn fundamental lessons to solve problems on dealing with wrestlers from Atos HQ Wrestling Coach 4x ALL American Coach Fred Lea...

  • The Offensive Lapel Guard - Matheus Menezes

    10 videos  |   Rent $9.95   |   Buy $29.95

    *Learn from IBJJF world & pan champion Matheus Menezes!

    In this course, you will learn how to be offensive using the lapel guard. Matheus will teach you how to use the lapel guard to sweep, back take, and submissions from this technique.

    It features 10 individual lessons, consisting of nearly 1...

  • Judo For Jiu-Jitsu Fighters by Dom Bell

    23 videos  |   Buy $77

    **Learn from 2021 World Masters Champ Dominique Bell.

    In this Instructional, Dominique Bell shows the most effective judo takedowns for the jiu-jitsu practitioner. In addition to several high-percentage throws, foot sweeps and takedowns, Dom also shares some the basic concepts that will help you...


    8 videos  |   Buy $19.95

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    This course is your fast path to the fundamentals of performance nutrition and has been created for you by Cody McBroom - Founder of Tailored Coaching Method, an Online Nutrition Coaching Company.